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Hire a Professional Water Damage Restoration Company - Racine

If you have ever been to Racine, then you understand what it is like to have beautiful scenery. Living in a lake area can be quite an adventure. Unlike many other such cities with so much fun, Racine is quite affordable to live in. A study done in January 2017 actually ranked Racine as the most affordable place to live in, not just in the USA but in the world. How amazing can this get!  It is no wonder that the population is something else.

Living near a lake can be quite an adventure, however, that’s not all. Damages in terms of water damage, flood damage and molds are very likely to be a cause of nuisance for many residents. Nothing comes easy sort of thing. It is not strange why Water Damage Restoration companies in this area are so busy. There is always some work for them.

What Is Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration Milwaukee refers to all the actions taken to reinstate a home, or building that has been damaged by water to its pre- damage state. Restoration takes place through a process that involves water extraction, drying, sanitization and repairs/ restoration.

It is therefore not strange why there are quite a number of Water Damage Restoration companies in Racine, greatest reason being the fact that its inherent nature of being by the lake makes it a great candidate for water damage.

What Is Water Damage?

To better understand Water Damage Restoration, it is important that we get to the genesis of it. There would be no such restoration in the first place if water damage did not exist, so yes, we need to understand what water damage is.

Water damage refers to losses caused by water invading areas it was never meant to. Possible water damage may include destruction of property, growth of molds, and destruction of structural materials amongst others.

What Are The Causes Of Water Damage In Racine?

There are quite a number of causes that may be responsible for giving Racine residents sleepless nights due to water damage.

The cause number one of water damage in Racine is flooding, especially to buildings that are near Root River which can really swell during bad weathers.

- Faulty home appliances.
- Basement overflows.
- Plumbing fixture failures
- Failures associated with sump pumps.
- Clogged gutters
- Snow melts
- Roof leaks

This article will take a close look at each of the above causes and give a detailed analysis of how damage caused by them can be prevented or minimized.

1.   Floods
Once every few years, The Root River experiences serious swelling due to bad weather. Such swelling leads to devastating effects, especially to homes near the river. Most homes experience damage from the floods, and in bad situations most residents are evacuated until later dates.

Waters from the rivers are full of contaminators and when they get to reach a home, the results can be a sad affair. Contaminated water is known to be a health hazard that exposes home occupants to serious illnesses such as water borne diseases, allergies, pneumonia among others.

Floods are likely to seep into homes that are near the river, causing severe losses that may lead to a home owner spending thousands of dollars to rectify the situation. Having your belongings destroyed is bad enough, having to spend to restore your home worsens the situation.

Usually, when there is an impending flood, Racine residents are warned in advance to enable them take the necessary measures. In severe instances, some residents are given orders to evacuate. When such orders are given, it is best to heed them and get as much belongings as you can out of the home. This would minimize the risks of severe damage and losses. It is also important for home owners to understand that most standard insurance policies do not cover floods. For this reason, saving as much belongings as possible is key. If possible, many items should be moved to the upper rooms where risk of damage is low.

Losses likely to be encountered during floods include but not limited to:
- Property damage and structural materials.
- Damage to belongings such as furniture carpets and cloths.
- Power surges which may lead to more damage.
- For Racine residents, being always prepared for flood eventuality is mandatory.
- When the unfortunate does happen however, water damage restoration solon springs WI services would be the only way out.

2.   Faulty Home Appliances

Racine residents, just like all other people are prone to having home accidents. Such accidents include water damage from faulty home appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. While home appliances are always welcome as they make house chores quite bearable, they can also be a risky affair. Studies actually suggest that faulty home appliances are a major cause of residential water damage.

Take for instance a washing machine. Every woman adores them, having one is the best feeling. Like any other machine, washing machines are prone to wear and tear. Accidents may happen when the same starts leaking, mostly this happens from the hosepipes. It all starts as a tiny drip that most home owners ignore, and before they know it, they are glaring at an indoor flooding from a simple washing machine.

Home owners mostly assume that they can clear such messes on their own. This however may be a risky affair likely to cause secondary damage. Having restoration water damage experts assess the damage would be a perfect idea. 

3.   Basement Overflows

Many residents of Racine enjoy their basements. Most of these basements are indeed pimped up with all kind of the best. Some even want to have their bedrooms there. Many however may not know that the basement is the riskiest location in any home. A study by American Society of Home Inspectors actually suggested that six in every ten homes have suffered water damage by basement leaks. Basements are the lowest levels of a house and therefore risk of flooding is quite high compared to any other part of a home. Majority of basement overflows happen during snow melts and heavy rains. This however is not a guarantee that the same cannot happen during the warmer and dry seasons.

Most basement leaks are caused by use of poor sealants, seepage of water through walls or foundations, sewer backups and/ or surface water sources.
Most of the leaks on basement can be quite detrimental not only to the structure, but also to the health of the occupants. Remember, basements do not need liters of flooding for damage to be felt. The slightest amount of water is enough. Most of the water leaking on basements is usually contaminated which pose health dangers when it comes into contact with human beings.

Having leaks in your basement can be quite stubborn. Home owners may not be in a position to fix such damage without the help of Water Damage Restoration.

4.   Sump Pump Failures

Any resident of Racine who has a basement most definitely knows what a sump pump is. Sump pumps are actually a very common machine in most Racine homes. Sump pump failures may be caused by the following:

- A faulty sump pump will most definitely fail.
- When the wrong size of a sump pump is used, chances of it working are next to nil.
- Poor installation of the sump pumps is another major cause of their failure.
- Power failures such as power surges are likely to render a sump pump useless.
- When a sump pump is not well maintained, it may be difficult to keep it moving.

While sump pumps are great and beneficial machines to have in any home with a basement, their failure may leave home owners counting losses and digging deeper into their pockets. Sump pump failures are a leading cause of serious water damage. Home owners are always advised to engage water damage restoration menomonie WI experts to ensure proper restoration.

5.   Plumbing Failures

Our homes are full of plumbing pipes which ensure we get to enjoy water in our homes. Who would enjoy living in a home with dry pipes? Surely nobody plumbing in a home is quite a sensitive affair that needs to be handled by professionals and with utmost care. A simple plumbing mistake is enough to cause very expensive damage that may need thousands of dollars to fix.

Plumbing failures in a home may be as a result of some of the following causes: 

- Toilet leaks that may be caused by small issues like faulty flashing systems.
Sink leaks that may be as a result of clogged drains.
- Frozen pipes during winter.
- Leaking pipes and faucets.

While the above may not be an exhaustive list of the causes, it is important for home owners to ensure that any plumbing leaks noticed are fixed soonest possible to minimize the chances of indoor flooding. 

Most home owners ignore leaks from these sources in the belief that they are petty. This belief is changed the moment things take a different turn and odor is all over the home, or molds, nor worse indoor flooding.

While plumbing leaks may be easily fixed by use of a good plumber with the help of the home owners, when the damage is on a high extreme, it is always best to use disaster restoration services Milwaukee.

6.   Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are not strange occurrences to the residents of Racine. There are a number of causes that may lead to roof leaks which include:

- Roof materials that may be too old may slowly start leaking.
- Roofs that have missing or broken shingles may lead to leaks.
- When gutters are not well cleared regularly, clogging is common and this may be a good cause for a roof leak.
- When vent pipes have cracks, chance of home owners experiencing roof leaks is very high.
 Ice dam build up during winter and snow melt seasons.

Home owners should ensure that the roofs are checked by professionals regularly to ensure all is well. Roof leaks are a serious problem that may have a number of dangers. Some of these dangers include:
- Roof leaks may eventually lead to ceiling damage which in most cases may require overhaul replacement.
- Roof that is in bad condition may compromise the aesthetic beauty of a home and its structural integrity as well.
- Leaking roof may pose health dangers such as water borne diseases.
- The possibility of the growth of molds is high in a damaged roof.
- While it may be difficult to spot a leaking roof until some signs show up, having regular checks would be of great help.

7.   Clogged Gutters
Many home owners might find gutter clearing tasks as being tedious and may lazy around on doing it. This however is one area where ignorance may be deadly. Clogged gutters prevent rain water from flowing in the way it was intended to.

Among the many dangers of clogged gutters are the following:

- When gutters are clogged, water may stand on the foundation which may cause water damage or growth of molds.
- Damage of fascia boards is very likely when gutters are clogged.
- Clogged gutters are a major cause damaged landscape such as flower beds.
- It is advisable that home owners take gutter clearing seriously, especially during summer and fall.

8.   Snow Melts
Many Racine residents are over the month when the weather starts getting warmer after a really cold winter. While it may be a good reason to celebrate, it is crucial that homeowners understand the risk that snow melts are likely to cause, more so for them that live near the river.

The likelihood of the river flooding due to too much ice accumulation is quite high in Racine during a snow melt. Homes nearby are likely to encounter water damage when the overflowing snow from the river seeps into homes.

You do not need to live near the river to experience damage caused by snow melts. Snow on the roof and drive ways are also culprits of snow melt damage.

9.   Growth of Molds

Growth molds are actually a form of secondary water damage, meaning that it is caused by water damage itself. Molds are a common occurrence, especially to the residents of Racine who are surrounded by water bodies. Surrounding water bodies may mean dumpy buildings which are a breed for the growth of molds.
Molds and mildew grow when the moisture content in a building is high. It may also be caused by water damage that took a considerable amount of time to be fixed.

Other than molds causing severe damage to property and belongings such as rotting and rusting it is also a culprit of many avoidable illnesses in a home. Such illnesses include pneumonia, sinusitis infections, skin infections and throat infections. It may be worse when a home has children the elderly of people with weakened immune system.

Many home owners once they spot molds try cleaning up using detergents; however it is crucial to understand that no amount of cleaning can eliminate the molds. The only solution would be hiring the services of water damage Milwaukee experts, and in particular those trained on mold remediation.

Among the dangers and losses that molds are likely to cause include the following: 
- Rotting of wood. Should the home be made of wooden floor, some damaged parts may need to be replaced. This is because once wood is rotten, it cannot be re used or reinstated.
- Steel items are likely to develop rust. Rust is another stubborn stain that does not go away. Items infested with rust are mostly trashed.
- Illnesses are likely to occur to home occupants.

While home owners may fail to see the necessity of seeking help during molds infestation, it is crucial that they understand the causes of molds.


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