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8 Common Causes of Water Damage in Kenosha

What crosses your mind when you hear the terms water damage? To many Kenosha residents, the first thing that would cross their minds is floods. This is not strange coming from a Kenosha resident given that they experience it a lot too often. As a matter of fact floods in this county are so common that warnings have become a norm.  A flood Mitigation Policy was actually put in place in 2001 for the county. Most residents here as well have flood insurance to cover for any eventualities. Water Damage Restoration services are so common here.

It is however crucial for Kenosha residents to understand that there are a lot more reasons why Water Damage Restoration experts may need pay their homes a crucial visit. Other than the inherent Kenosha floods, there are other conditions that may cause water damage. Some seem so petty that many tend to ignore which eventually leads to future damages which are more severe and fatal.

Is your Kenosha home prone to the following?
- Clogged gutters.
- Roof leaks.
- Snow melts.
- Washing machine and dishwasher leaks.
- Air conditioner leaks.
- Sump pump failures.
- Basement leaks.
- Molds and mildew growth.

You may not have answered with a YES to any of the above, but a critical look one more time may give you a second thought. Any home, whether in flood prone areas or not is susceptible to all the above accidents.

This article will delve into all these incidences, their remedies, prevention tips and when to require water damage restoration Kenosha experts help.

1.   Clogged Gutters

Any home is prone to clogged gutters. Clogged gutters are caused by issues such as the following:
Falling leaves especially during fall.
- Other particles that may fall to the gutters through the roof especially after a windy period.

It may be quite a disaster when the above are not removed in good time. Debris on the gutter, end up, piling up and the blocking of gutter. When gutters are blocked, they fail to do the job they are intended to and water ends up on the wrong place.

Possible problems likely to be caused by clogged gutters include the following:

Roof damage: Clogged gutters will most likely have some wet substances. This may easily damage the roof.

Molds: Clogged gutters are likely to cause mold damage to areas where waterfalls and also to the roof. Mold damage other than seriously damage your property, has adverse health effects especially to children, the elderly and those with compromised immunity. Health problems likely to be caused by molds include pneumonia, chest infections and various allergies.
- Damage to the windows, walls and floors where water from the gutters flow.
- Damaged shingles is a possible occurrence.
- When the gutters are badly clogged, they may need to be removed and new ones put. No homeowner would love to incur such expenses.

When a resident is faced with the above problems, he may need water damage restoration Racine services. The above problems may not be solved without the use of an expert. There are however measures which Kenosha residents can take to minimize or prevent the occurrence. These include:
- Clearing debris on the gutters often. If during fall, this should be done on a daily basis.
- Cutting off branches of nearby trees to prevent leaves falling off.
- Regularly checking on the gutters for any possible damages that may lead to leaks.
- Ensuring that upper floor gutters do not direct water to lower floor gutters.
- Gutters may be ignored by many but they are a likely cause for water damage and secondary water damage as well.

2. Roof Leaks

When your roof leaks, it may be difficult to realize it at first. Mostly the damage is noticed when it is too late.
The possible causes of roof leaks may include:
- Clogged gutters.
- Missing and/ or damaged shingles.
- Damaged fascia boards.

Roof leaks are likely to cause problems in a home, some which may have devastating effects. Among these problems include:
- The roof may start leaking slowly into the house. This may cause the growth of molds and mildews.
- Roof leaks may cause damage to the ceiling.

When these problems occur, DIY may not be enough, you may need to engage the services of a flood restoration companies Oshkosh. To avoid the above problems, home owners should take the following measures:
- Fix any damaged shingles as soon as they are noticed.
- Replace any missing shingles as soon as they are noticed.
- Have professional roof experts check your house once in a while especially during the rainy seasons and winter to ensure there is no possibility of water damage.

3. Snow Melts

After a cold winter season, many Kenosha residents are excited. Having a chance to get out of your house without being all dressed up must feel Heavenly. It is not always a celebration moment. When the snow starts melting, it may end up causing more harm than good. Before you enjoy the warm weather, ensure your home is well protected that snow melt does not find you and mess up your joy.

Snow melts can happen in several ways which include the following:
- Snow might find its ways to your driveway which may eventually find its way to your home.
- Rivers and other water bodies may rise to higher levels and burst their beds burst. When this happens the snow may find its way to the dry land and to nearby homes.
Snow melts may cause a number of problems to homeowners. These problems include the following:
- Snow melts may find their way into a home through openings like windows. 
- When this happens it is possible to cause water damage. 
- Molds and mildews may also grow especially on hidden areas of the building.

Melting snow will most definitely find its way onto your roof. Other than the cold you will experience, snow on the roof may do more harm than good. Water damage is very likely especially if there are missing or broken shingles. Snow may also block the vents.

During a snow melt, the heavy water may find its way to your basement which may be devastating. It is no news that damaged basements are not a sight to behold.

The above problems other than being devastating can also see the homeowner digging deeper into his pockets and breaking a bank. It is however important for homeowners to understand that they may not be able to restore their homes well on their own. Water damage restoration menomonie WI experts should be on your speed dial for such instances. The experts are more experienced in matters concerning water damage and will be in a position to restore a home back to normalcy.

There is however some preventive measures those homeowners would benefit from by avoiding the above problems. These measures include:
- Shovel away as much snow as possible away from the homes. More so, snow should be shoveled away from doors, windows and foundations as these are mostly the snow entry points to a home .This should not only be done once but should be done every now and then. It is also a good way to keep fit by the way.
Have your roof checked by roofing experts before winter starts. This will ensure that any issues that need fixing are identified and fixed before it is too late. It is also advisable to engage the same experts to help remove snow from the roof. This ensures that the pile up of snow is not as much.
- Have your test pump tested during snow melts. Ensuring that the sump pump is working would be an added advantaged in ensuring that water that gets to the basement is well taken care of.
- Sometimes snow may find its way into the drainage systems of a home. It is best that homeowners are able to clear snow on drains to ensure normal flow of water.  Snow on drains is an invite for gradual clogging.

Having the above measures in place can never be a guarantee that water damage from snow melts will never visit your home, but they sure are proven ways of preventing the same and keeping safe. They also give the homeowners that chance of owning the water damage prevention process. A good water damage restoration Milwaukee company should also be able to provide homeowners with such tips for future use.

4. Washing Machine Leaks

Show me a woman who hates a washing machine and I will show you a liar. This is one home appliance that is greatly treasured for its good work.  It is however one great cause of water damage in Kenosha homes. These machines usually cause leaks from broken or damaged hose pipes either from being mishandles or ageing. The hoses can also cause leaks when not well connected to the wall. As a matter of fact, research suggests that more than 50% of water damage from washing machine failures is as a result of damaged hose pipes.

Internal leaks and drainage issues are also other causes of washing machine leaks. These leaks may be a bit more serious as they are of class 2 and class 3 water types which often contain contaminators which may be harmful when it comes into contact with human beings.

When washing machines cause water damage, especially from internal leaks and drainage issues, homeowners are left with no choice but to engage Water Damage Restoration experts.

How to Prevent Washing Machine and Dish Washer Leaks

Kenosha residents can prevent washing machine leaks by following the following tips:
- Regular servicing of the washing machine is recommended. This is to ensure that all parts are in perfect condition.
- Regular checking of the hose pipe and replacement where need be. This should be done even when home owners think that the leak is not big enough to cause damage. Water damage starts with a drip.
- It is advisable that watching machines are not overloaded at any given time.
- Washing machines should be professionally installed to avoid any problems that may lead to water damage.
- Any dishwasher should be replaced when it is faulty.
- It is also not advisable to fill the machine with too many detergents as this is a likely cause of water damage from a dishwasher.

5. Air Conditioner Leaks

Imagine that very hot afternoon when all you need is some air conditioning. Air conditioners are treasures world over, especially during the warm weather. It is however prudent to note that these same machines could be the beginning of a disaster.

These special machines may cause water damage in the following ways:
- When air conditioners are poorly installed, the drain pipe fittings may be quite unstable as they gradually loosen. This may make the condensate to drain through the ceiling.
- When a condensate pump is not functioning as it should, it could be a time bomb waiting to explode.
- Clogged air filter, low refrigerant and clogged drain lines may also be a water damage cause.
- The above problems may take away all the goodness of air conditioners.

Prevention of Air Conditioner Leaks

- The duct work should be well and correctly insulated.
- Having a secondary drain line would also be a perfect idea.
- Air filter should be changed and cleaned on a regular basis.
- Safety pan should be installed to take care of drain pan overflow.
- It is important that homeowners understand that the above are just preventive measure. It is however a great idea engaging flood damage specialists Wisconsin.

6. Sump Pump Failures

Every Kenosha resident understands the use and importance of sump pumps. Every now and then, cases are heard of devastating aftermath of failed sump pumps.

Sump pumps are likely to fail due to the following reasons:
- When a homeowner is operation with a broken or faulty sump pump, chances of it breaking down are quite high.
- A poorly installed sump pump is also a recipe for disaster, and any Kenosha resident clearly understands 
- During winter, the drainage pipe on the sump pump may freeze which may cause devastating water damage.
- When a wrong size sump pump is used, water damage will definitely happen at some point in time.
Switch failure also leads to sump pump failure.
- When water damage is caused as a result of sump pump failure, the result is more often than not bad enough. Homeowners may at times not be in much help for themselves. This is where the Water Damage Restoration experts come in.

How to Prevent Sump Pump Failure

The following tips should guide homeowners when it comes to sump pumps
- Getting the right size of a sump pump should be the first thing a homeowner should confirm even before any installation is done.
- Having the drainage pipes insulated, especially during winter would also help to prevent freezing.
Sump pumps should be regularly tested to ensure that they are functioning as they should.
- Regular servicing of the sump pumps gives it long life and prevents avoidable damages
-They say that cheap is expensive. At times some sump pipes are sold too cheaply it, makes them look fake. It is important that a homeowner goes for quality when purchasing a sump pump.
- While the above may be perfect ideas for preventing water damage, it is necessary that homeowners identify any problems with the sump pumps in good time.

7. Basement Leaks

Every resident of Kenosha must understand what a basement is. Basements have become the new craze and everyone wants to have a home with a basement. Some people even move all their belongings to the basement and use them as bedrooms.

The basement however is one of the most crucial places in a home when it comes to water damage. A number of issues could go wrong such as:
- Melting snow may slowly and easily find its way through to the basement. This is the floor that is at the bottom and easier target for flowing water.
- In cases of flooding in homes near water bodies, the basement is also the best target for such water.
- When sump pump failures cannot function as they should, all that water goes to the basement.

Homeowners must understand that basements should be kept dry at all times for perfect basement loving. The following tips should be followed:
- During snow melts, shoving of as much snow as possible in and around the basement area should be done.
- Having the basement a bit raised also helps to avoid flood water getting into the basement.
- Most importantly, every basement should have a sump pump as a matter of principal. These sump pumps should also be in perfect condition and performing well as they ought to.

Water damage restoration Wisconsin companies in Kenosha have worked so much on water damage that is as a result of basements. This is proof enough that basements are very susceptible to water damage.

8. Molds and Mildew Growth

If there is one huge mistake that Kenosha residents make, it is ignoring water damage problems in their homes. Most water damage problems that are ignored are such as home appliances damage, frozen pipes, leaking taps, clogged drains and roof leaks. Moist people tend to take them as very petty that would either clear on their own or that they can easily fix.

What these people fail to know and understand is that other than the visible water damage, there are secondary water damages such as the growth of molds and mildew.

The growth of molds and mildew happen as a result of water that has been standing for long in a particular area. For instance, when there are roof leaks, molds and mildew are very likely to be experienced and the homeowner would know this by a stain on the ceiling.

Molds and mildew growth is likely to happen in a number of many other places as well such the bathroom, water tubs, sinks and other areas such as a wet carpet is likely to cause this growth on the floor.

When molds and mildew grow in a home, it may not only leave embarrassing spots in the home but also may be a common cause of most illnesses that occupants could be experiencing. These illnesses may be fatal especially to children, the elderly and those with compromised immunity.

Molds and mildew may also make the homeowner dig deeper into his pockets. This is because molds may destroy belongings in a way that restoration would be quite difficult. For instance, when molds grow on cloth, some get too stubborn that getting the cloth to a good state becomes almost impossible.

When faced with molds and mildew in a home, it is best for a homeowner to understand that this is the one area that DIY can never work, no matter how effective the tips are. Flood restoration companies Greendale could be the only help in such situations. Special materials and machines are needed to completely remove mold and mildew from a home.

How to Prevent the Growth of Molds and Mildew

- No water damage should be ignored at all.
- The home should always be kept clean and tidy.
- Keeping wet and dump clothes inside the house may lead to formation of molds and mildew.

While many Kenosha residents may be aware of water damage cases, they still need a lot of awareness on the kind of losses that water is likely to lead to. It is also imperative that homeowners have the contacts of at least one good water damage restoration Wisconsin company. While engaging one, remember your home is your palace and you would not wish for quacks anywhere near. For this reason, only consider certified technicians.


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