Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What to Do In case Of Emergency Water Damage

There are measures that homeowners can take in case of emergency water damage. The first step would be to call for help from a Water Damage Restoration service provider. While waiting for help, homeowners can take the following measures:

Ensure all water supply sources are turned off to prevent any further flooding. It is better to turn off from the main water supply rather than tap by tap as one is likely to leave some open.

In case the main electricity switch is reachable, it should be switched off. It is prudent however to note that it is unwise to enter a flooded room whose electricity is still on since electrocution is very possible. Best thing to do if fuse box is unreachable is to wait for damage response experts

Have as many belongings as you can move to a safer place as you await experts to reduce losses.

Where possible, all doors windows and cabinets should be opened to allow enough ventilation. This would go a long way in eliminating odors.

A flooded house is quite unsafe and it is crucial that the home is vacated fully until the response team is in site and offers assurance that it is safe to enter the house.

Does Insurance Cover For Water Damage?

This is one question that probably lingers on the minds of people that have been hard hit by water damage. The fact of the matter is that so long as you have such a policy, insurance would definitely cover that up, so long as such damage is sudden and/ or accidental. Research actually states water damage cover as one of the most common.

As with any other insurance policy, it is important that a damage report is done as soon as possible.

The sad reality of water damage however is that insurance will not cover damages from natural causes such as flooding. While flooding is not only caused by natural causes but also others such as a sewage outburst, most standard insurance policies will not cover this.

This is proof that the prevention is the best way to avoid water damage. Should there be water damage as a result of poor maintenance standard insurance policies may still not cover it even if the damage is accidental or sudden.

What to Do When Insurance Cannot Cover Damage Caused By Water

Luckily for home owners, for instances where there are floods and the insurance company cannot cover, there is a remedy. Otherwise it would be so frustrating for homeowners counting their losses.

Water damage prevention and restoration services come in handy during such situations and luckily for Middle West Residents these services are right under their noses. There are a number of companies that offer these services including ERS - Emergency Restoration Specialists who offer a variety of Water Damage Restoration services. They ensure that all water is dried and that the necessary repairs are done and the house is as good as it was before the catastrophe. 


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