Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Water Damage Restoration in Wisconsin and Milwaukee

Imagine this scenario. You are cuddling your three year old on a night when the rains are at their highest. The thunderstorms and lightning just make you want to get deeper into your blankets and cuddle your obviously scared child. You sleep through the night and first thing that greets you in the morning, floods! Your house is flooded.

In this scenario the first thing you do is desperately look at your damaged property and cry. How long can you cry? Definitely not forever. As traumatizing as it is, help would be all you need at that particular time. Buckets will only help you remove the water but what of the damage caused to your property?

In the USA floods do not occur only during the rainy seasons but it is said to be high during the warmer periods. Indeed cities in the Middle West are ranked among cities with the highest likelihood of such occurrences.

Water damage is not a new occurrence it has always happened from time immemorial. In fact a study conducted by the American Insurance Association claimed that of all home owners’ insurance policies, water damage claims topped the list and that almost 40% residents have experienced water damage loss. Research also shows that on average about 14,000 homes and offices experience water damage loss on a daily basis. This just proves how common the phenomenon is.

A majority of cities are privileged to have Water Damage Restoration service providers that are reliable. There are various service providers in the Middle West such as ERS - Emergency Restoration Specialists, Paul Davis and Kellman which are based in the states of Wisconsin and Milwaukee. Residents are encouraged to have Water Damage Restoration basics on their finger tips as well for use during such occurrences.

Water damage is not only as a result of such natural occurrences, but is likely to happen even during winter due to the snow and very cold temperatures.

Luckily for Milwaukee and Wisconsin residents, there are enough professional experts. You do not have to wait for more damage. These service providers offer response to distress calls to locations near Milwaukee, Racine, Waukesha Menominee Falls and Kenosha.

Firstly, it is important to understand the basics of water damage causes, prevention, and finally Water Damage Restoration services.

Common Causes of Water Damage in Most US Cities

The USA experiences immense water damage losses more so during the warmer seasons, that is spring, summer and also early fall. Causes of such damage include the following:

   Leaking Pipes: Studies show that as much as over 900 liters of water can leak from a simple an eighth crack in a pipe.

 Sump Pump Failures: Sump pumps are a must have water proofing appliances especially in areas prone to flooding. Having a faulty one proves to be risky as the basement is not kept dry as it should.

 Faulty Washing Machines: Water damage from faulty washing machines is believed to be among the top ten water damage causes in homes.

  Leaking Roofs and foundation leaks: This can be detrimental, especially during the cold and rainy seasons. Also poorly done house foundation can fetch water from the ground which slowly damages the house.

   Plumbing Issues:  In a house, plumbing issues can range from running toilets to leaking faucets. Studies show that these are very common to many homes.

  Melting snow in the spring: All the winter snow starts melting during spring, and this can be quite a risk factor for water damage. A bucketful of snow could be so much water enough to cause damage.

     Septic Overflow- This type of overflow can happen either as a result of poor workmanship or from damaged drain pipes.


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