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Water Damage Restoration Wisconsin - An Overview

Water Damage Restoration refers to any action taken to remedy damage caused by water invading areas where it is not expected to.  Water damage is quite a common happening in the cities of Racine, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Kenosha and Menomonee Falls. On average, residents of these Mid West cities of the USA are likely to use the services of water damage restoration Milwaukee at one point.

Water damage is known to be caused by a number of occurrences, the main one being flooding.  Floods can either be indoor or outdoor. This article shall highlight floods and what is expected of Water Damage Restoration experts in the restoration exercise. The article will also highlight simple ways for residents to identify the right Water Damage Restoration experts.

Categories of Floods

Residential floods are of three categories, Category 1, 2 and 3. It is crucial that residents get to understand the category of their situation to allow experts make a better informed decision on the restoration steps to take to ensure a fully dried home.

Category 1

Water damage in this category is usually as a result of clean water having landed on the wrong areas. Water in this category does not pose health risks to home occupants, although this should not be a reason to dilly-dally. Lack of timely restoration actions is a common cause of secondary damage such as the damage of molds, which are a health hazard.

Water from this category is usually from the following sources:

Leaking toilets (but without urine or feces) such as faulty flashing system.

Burst pipes

Rain water.

Faulty home appliances.

Sink over flows.

In instances where the above happens, there is potential water damage and timely fixing is advised. The services of Water Damage Restoration Wisconsin experts may not be really necessary unless there is secondary damage or the leaking has really spread and belongings and property are affected. Timely action however is also very necessary as time is the greatest enemy of water damage. Once a foul smell is felt, then that is a good indication that the water is slowly becoming a nuisance.
Home owners are advised to avoid such happenings that are possible culprits of water damage losses by taking measures which include the following:

Having regular checks of the plumbing system by a recognized plumber.

Regular servicing and replacement of faulty home appliances.

Ensuring that roofs are checked by experts, any fixing needed done to prevent damage especially during the rainy seasons.

Having all gutters cleared of debris and also having them well structured such that upper gutters do not empty on lower gutters.

Ensuring all taps is firmly closed after use. Remember water damage starts with a drip.

Home owners should ensure that during snow melts, lots of shoveling on ice is done, especially near the home.

Category 1 water is basically the least stubborn. This may however cease being the case should water find its way into structural materials such as wood which is likely to start decaying.

Category 2

Unlike the first category, this one may contain water that is toxic to some extent. Water from this category contains some level of contamination which when exposed to occupants may cause serious health implications. This kind of water is also referred to as gray water.

The sources of water from this category include the following:

Leaking toilets, such as from toilet bowls (but with urine).

Discharge from home appliances such as from washing machines from hoses that may contain some dirt particles.

Sump pump failure.

Faulty or broken fish tanks.

To avoid water damage from such water, it is necessary for home owners to take some precautions which include:

Ensuring maintenance and regular servicing of sump pumps.

Arresting problems associated with leaking home appliances in good time.

Regular checks on all plumbing in the home.

Floods or damage from this category should be treated as an emergency issue as more time would be detrimental. Best water damage repair Bayview services would be needed in such cases.

 Category 3

Water in this category is extremely harmful and is also referred to as black water.  The most common sources of such water include the following:

Rising waters from rivers or other water bodies.

Toilet backflows.

Sewage overflows.

Water from category 2 that has not been acted on.

Black water is highly contaminated and home occupants may find it difficult to survive in such an environment. Sewage water for instance can be quite dangerous as it contains contaminations such as bacteria and fungi. These can be a major cause of illnesses especially instances where there are children, the elderly or people with compromised immunity. The damage likely to be caused on property, furniture and other belongings may also be quite gross.

Only highly qualified professionals should handle damage caused by water in this class as the restoration techniques used in this case is quite different. Thorough knowledge of such restoration techniques is a must have.

It is crucial to note that water changes category with the lapse of time. It is therefore very possible for category 1water to move to category 2 and category 2water to category 3. This is one reason why time is of utmost importance when it comes to water damage restoration menomonie WI exercises.

All the three categories of water are likely to cause damage that may end up being a pocket draining exercise for a home owner. It is at this stage that help is needed and having experts around would be a perfect idea.

Secondary Damage

Many times, especially where adequate time has lapsed, there is likelihood of secondary

Damage to the home. Secondary damage to the home includes the growth of molds.

While the restoration technicians should note of the same during the restoration process, it is important that home owners fully understand the basics of mold growth. This would help to ensure that they value having their homes dry.

Risk of secondary damage also happens to be a reason why home owners should be fully engaged in the restoration process to ensure that the technicians do not skip any stage.

When there is too much moisture and humidity in a home, the growth of molds is a common occurrence. This is reason why time is an enemy of water damage Brookfield. Water damage is known to be the main cause of molds growth.

Molds are not just ugly, but they are also a great health hazard. They are known to cause illnesses such as chest congestion, pneumonia, sinus infections, skin infections and a number of allergies. Molds are also known to cause serious damage to property, furniture, cloths and other belongings. Mold damage can be quite stubborn especially when it has been on surface for a considerable period of time.

It is necessary that home owners understand the basic prevention methods of molds. Some of these measures, other than ensuring fast water damage company Germantown after a water damage incidence includes:

Cleaning and repairing roof gutters once noticed.

Fixing any plumbing and appliances leaks as soon as they are noticed.

Keeping all windows open to allow for moisture drying.

When building or renovating, use if mold resistant products is advisable. There are a number of such products in the market and experts can direct on that.

Directing water away from the home is also a good idea to prevent any chances of water seeping in. The best way to do this is to have a slope away from the foundation.

Preventing rain water from getting to your home as this is likely to cause water to find its ways to sensitive areas such as wall.

Having the home kept dry at all times is a must do exercise to keep molds away.

A home owner should appreciate the fact that any water damage when ignored can lead to molds which may be difficult to spot initially.

Possible Water Damage Losses

When water damage happens, it really does cause lots of damage that would see a home owner digging deeper into his pockets. Anyone who has ever lost a treasured item would understand what it is like for a homeowner watching his property and belongings destroyed.

Water damage is likely to cause a number of losses to the home owner, some of which include the following:

The possibility of steel items, such as cutlery forming layers of rust. Rusting renders items totally useless.

Wood materials such as wooden floors may start rotting. The bad news about wood rotting is that the rotten part cannot be repaired.

In instances where flooding has reached the carpet, especially water from category 3, the carpet may need to be disposed off.

Electrical appliances are also at great risk when it comes to water damage. It is common knowledge that water and electricity are the worst of friends. Serious incidences such as power surges and electrocution could occur.

Destruction of furniture and other belongings is also a common water damage loss many home owners experience. Many home owners have in the past lost or destroyed sensitive and important belongings due to damage caused by water.

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